A seawall that is both properly constructed and maintained can last for decades. A seawall serves as a defense construction, protecting properties from the deterioration or destruction that is often brought on from Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather and coastal erosion. Seawalls are vital when it comes to fierce storms off the coast, including tides, hurricanes, waves, storm surges and even tsunamis. Simply put, seawalls are the structures that separate land and water. The Dock Experts bring years of experience to ensure your seawall construction or repairs will bring you peace of mind that your property is safe from these hazards.

Creating the perfect dock for your property is a process that begins with working with a consultant to discuss your ideas, and help brings your dreams to reality. The Dock Experts offer top materials, expertise and provide customers with updates along every step of the process. Our services include new dock installation, dock replacement, dock repair, installing dock whips and dock lights, and more. The Dock Experts will customize your dock to suit your preferences.

Seawall Construction

Concrete Panel

Steel or Vinyl Sheetpile Walls

TruLine Vinyl Seawalls

 Sea Wall Caps



Rock Wall Resurfacing

T-Pile Seals

Weep Holes

Retaining Walls

Dock & Decking Materials





PVC Decking


All Stainless Hardware **


PT Wood Dock Pilings

Dolphin Pilings

Protective Piling Wraps

Concrete Piles

Pin Piles

Helical Piles

Batter Piles

King Piles

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