Routine maintenance and inspection services are essential for anyone who owns or manages a seawall, dock, or boat lift. These structures are exposed to harsh weather and environmental conditions, high foot traffic and constant use, which can inevitably lead to significant wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance not only helps prevent accidents but also extends the usable service life of these structures. Additionally, it ensures compliance with legal requirements and can mitigate the need for expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

The Dock Experts’ maintenance services include inspections, repairs, cleaning, and other preventative measures designed to ensure your safety and maintain the reliability of your waterfront property for years to come.


Boat Lift


(+ $200 for each add’l lift at same location)
  • -Adjust Bunks for Fitment & Proper Pitch
  • Grease Winch, Sheaves, & Pillow Blocks
  • Visually inspect and Adjust Limit Switches
  • Visually inspect Cables for Rust, Wear, Fraying or Damage
  • Visually inspect Sheaves for Wear and Damage, Re-torque Nuts & Bolts
  • Visually inspect Bunk Boards for Wear and Damage
    Scrape Tracks and Replace Zinc, as Needed
  • Visually inspect & Re-torque Mounting Brackets and Nuts

* 10% Preferred Customer Discount for Maintenance Parts (cannot be combined with other discounts)

seawall & dock


(+ $200 for each add’l 50ft for docks & seawalls +150ft)
  • Visually inspect Accessible Areas For Soil Erosion
  • Visually inspect Wall, Cap, Piles for Structural Failure, Cracks, Spalling, Deterioration, Differential Settlement, and Lateral Movement
    Visually inspect Seawall Seams for Leaks and Failure
  • Visually inspect Seawall Footing and Probe Seawall for Undermining
  • Visually inspect Dock Framing, Hardware, Pilings & Decking for Wear, Failure, Deterioration, and Loose or Broken Members
  • Written Report and Photo Documentation is Logged and Provided to Customer

* 10% Preferred Customer Discount for Maintenance Parts (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Lift, Seawall & Dock Combination Plan


(15% Savings)
(+ $200 for each add’l lift at same location & + $200 for each add’l 50 feet for docks and seawalls +150ft)

Get the best of both worlds with our Comprehensive Boat Lift, Seawall & Dock Combination Maintenance Plan, merging the benefits of our Boat Lift Maintenance Package and Seawall & Dock Maintenance Services. Enjoy complete peace of mind with all-inclusive coverage.

* Subject to large item limit.

Terms & Conditions
Max discount of New Lift Sales or Store Items over $2,500 is 5%.